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世联翻译公司完成成事英文翻译 00:00 具拥有独壹性。像此雕刻张钞票的冠儿子号码坚硬是BB69798669.还愿上,针对客户指证难的即兴象,人民银行曾经要寻求银行业金融机构对所开销产的



  00:00 具拥有独壹性。像此雕刻张钞票的冠儿子号码坚硬是BB69798669.还愿上,针对客户指证难的即兴象,人民银行曾经要寻求银行业金融机构对所开销产的100元即兴钞整顿个终止冠儿子号码记载。依照人民银行的时间表,银行业金融机构必须在2013岁末儿子前,确保ATM开销产的100元即兴钞人民币冠儿子号码却查询。在2014岁末儿子前,存放取款壹体机开销产的100元即兴钞人民币冠儿子号码却查询,在2015岁末儿子前,银行业金融机构开销产的100元即兴钞人民币冠儿子号码却查询

  Every note number is unique. Like this note, its number is BB69798669. Actually, according to the difficulty of allegation, People’s Bank of China has already asked all the banking and financial institutes to make sure all the RMB 100 note number from ATM traceable by the end of 2013, all the RMB 100 note number from CRS traceable by the end of 2014 and all the RMB 100 note number and counters traceable by the end of 2015.

  00:41 当今我们还正铰行,把二维码技术与冠儿子号码信息追溯结合在壹道的运用。这么我们却以在存贷款或取款容许ATM机配钞的时分,把此雕刻些所拥局部信息,冠儿子号码的信息加以稠密成二维码,这么在银行处理事情的时分,把此雕刻个二维码的信息,直接就打印出产到来。就中拥有壹张给客户的时分,把此雕刻张凭条提交给他。

  Now we are also approaching QR code in originating the data in application. So, when we withdraw, save or quota ATM, all the information together with note numbers will be coded in forms of QR codes. Then, the QR code report will be printed and presented to clients.

  01:10 客户拿着拥有附拥有二维码的凭条,经度过钱币反假己助终端,查询到所相干到每壹张买进卖的钞票冠儿子号码以及买进卖信息。此雕刻是在钱币图像传感器上,为客户的利更加供的又壹要紧保障。Clients with the QR code can trace all the tracks of their deals via anti-fake-money self-service terminals. So it is important security insurance upon with currency detectors.


  To average people, although the possibility of encountering fake money is rather low, they will have to burden a 100% loss once they meet. Obviously, each consumer cannot carry a currency detector all the way, to deal with this, joint effort among shopping malls, catering places and especially for the banking service terminals.